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Promote Health

Educate the community on strategies working toward wellness of the mind and body. Tackle addiction and mental health issues.

Law and Order

Support our police and provide them with the tools and education necessary to keep communities safe.


Bodily autonomy is the very essence of freedom and it must be preserved. Patient-doctor autonomy is the foundation of proper healthcare. Informed consent is imperative.

100% Pro-Life

Your hard-earned money should never be used to fund abortion. Defender of life from conception to natural death.

2nd Amendment

Make MN a consitutional carry and stand your ground state.


End the Social Security tax. Lower income tax. Legislate limits on property taxes. Encourage financial independence and remove MN as a welfare destination state.


Fight for parental rights. No CRT! Improve reading proficiency. Support school vouchers.

Who is Mark Bishofsky?

Honesty and fairness. Giving a voice to the people for common sense solutions. That is my promise to you!

Mark is a respiratory therapist who was thrust into politics in the summer of 2021 when he was faced with unconscionable vaccine mandates at work. Mark quickly discovered that he was not alone in the fight for bodily autonomy and opposition to coercive vaccine mandates. After organizing many rallies and protests he felt he was being called to run for office in order to give the people of Minnesota a louder voice in their government.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any”

– Alice Walker