Campaign Finance Disclosures

Minnesota’s PCR Program may allow you to have your first $50 ($100 per couple) donation per year refunded! (

Contributions are not deductible as a charitable contribution for Federal Income Tax purposes.

Contributions are prohibited from Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and Foreign Nationals. 

It is illegal for any person to reimburse another for making a contribution to a political campaign.

Minnesota law allows donations up to $1000 per person per two-year election period.  Individual donations totaling $20 or more per two-year election period require Political Committees to report the name, address, date and amount of the contribution; and, if a Registered donor, their Registration Number.  Individual donations totaling over $200 to $1000 per two-year election period require the same information plus the donor’s employer or, if self-employed, the donor’s occupation.